It is not enough to know that we can change the world, the question is, ‘Will we?’


My life is to inspire people to hope. I travel and use every opportunity to serve those who want to dream about a better future and make a difference through their actions. I want to remind people that they can change things, be that one person, thousands or a nation. 

Our gifts must go further than a conference or a church and our encounter with God is for a purpose - to make real, lasting and effective change in areas that need it the most. If our spiritual gifts are real, they must have real effects. We are called to restore hopelessness to hope and nightmares to dreams.


Activation Strategy

Providing opportunities for people to actualize their spiritual impact in environments of hopelessness.


Burning Ones Strategy

Equipping believers through conferences and ministry by igniting hope for the realization of their maximized spiritual impact. 


Field Strategy

Providing unique prophetic wisdom for leaders in their various realms of influence. This includes government, business and entertainment.