Field Strategy

Godly leaders dream about a better future and making a difference through their actions. They want to inspire hope and be forces for change. I work with leaders to provide deeper insights through the prophetic, giving them information unique to their situations, then counsel them on how to apply it on their own. This gives leaders a distinct advantage in their careers, businesses and areas of influence. Leaders create change, be that for one person, thousands or a nation.


Business leaders

We help business leaders access, measure and manage spiritual information to build their businesses into a tool for kingdom transformation. We provide a spiritual report regarding the spiritual influences in and on their their business, then provide a strategy on how to engage with this information effectively and sustainably.


Government Leaders

We provide prophetic wisdom and guidance to allow leaders to bring a new and different perspective into their realms of influence, helping them lead righteously. When necessary a spiritual report is available to allow you to build up the spiritual foundations of your realm of influence. To deal with the constantly changing nature of government we encourage ongoing relationship with government leaders, providing maximum impact.


Entertainment Leaders

We provide discreet prophetic guidance on how to manage the unique spiritual environment of the entertainment industry, helping these leaders remain grounded. We are committed to seeing identity before notoriety, while remaining conscious of influence.