Activation Strategy


Answering the Call

Everybody has a dream and every single person on earth is God’s dream come true and I want us to remind each other of our significance, to dream again and to know that together we can actually change things. Together we can find the worst places on earth and not stop until we see hope restored.

In Isaiah 61 we see that it is the lost, the broken, the forgotten who will be set free and they will be the ones to restore the ruined cities. What can happen if we find these people, bring an end to their nightmare and restore their dreams?

What can happen if we answer the call of injustice with a living, breathing, real hope?



We take teams to prove that light overwhelms the darkness through partnering with 27 Million and El Pozo De Vida in their fight against human trafficking. 

While many cannot come as part of a team, every voice counts, every dollar counts, every prayer counts and together we are creating a massive force for change. We invite people to pray, to give and to partner with us in this ministry.

Consistent action through prayer, service and partnership will erode the stronghold of human trafficking off the face of the earth. We invite you to do more than just believe.