Core Values

Influence: we equip and encourage for change and spiritual growth
Integrity: we are consistent, orderly and trustworthy
Wisdom: we consider heaven’s agenda the top priority
Loyalty: we embrace a journey of intentional, authentic and safe relationship
Actualization: we champion relationship with God, moving from theory to reality
Inspiration: we ignite passion for more of God

Kayle’s passion is to help people realize they can actually walk with God.
He carries a unique prophetic gifting and uses his gift to lead people into authentic encounters with the Lord, knowing that if we get even just one glimpse of Him we will be hooked for life. Kayle has a huge value for a down to earth approach in walking with the Lord through a life uniquely marked with the supernatural.

Kayle has given his life to the full time pursuit of God and has been on a journey that takes him around the world ministering as a prophetic voice to the scum of the earth, to the famous and everyone in between – from prostitutes to government leaders, students to rock stars, from those who are just trying their best to those who have forgotten how, Kayle’s mission is the same – “Let’s just find God.”